Boston, MA

Sorry for not posting lately guys, I've been in Boston staying wtih my aunt and uncle-- without my camera :(

I'm looking at colleges in the midst of record breaking rain in MA which is NO fun. Flooding highways, flooding homes, and a california girl who was NOT prepared for rain.

All I brought was a pair of uggs and black boots-- neither of which are "walking around a campus for an hour and a half tour" shoes, particularly in the POURING rain.

I should be back and posting around Friday. Enjoy your week!


Peet Peeves

I hate feet. Not like, I think they're unpleasant. Like, get-your-feet-away-from-me-or-I-will-kill-you hate.

I don't like your feet, my feet, your feet near my feet, touching your feet, you touching my feet, nothing. Gross, creepy, gross.

But something about feet-- in pictures, drives me crazy. You know the ones. Those corny, couple pictures of the girl on tip toe as she leans in to kiss the boy. I go all gooey inside when I see those pictures.

And as I think about things to photograph, things that appeal to me, that express emotion and feeling and evoke something inside of me-- I thought of feet.

Plain old feet

Tip-toe-ing feet

Dirty, Wrinkly Feet

Hurt Feet


Life in Technicolor

Today, my lovely boyfriend and I went for a hike. Where, you might ask? In his back yard.
Yep, that's right. Vladimir lives in the mountains, and his family owns 10 acres of land. Over the past 10 years, they've been making trails right on their property, and we went down to explore to the creek. His land is absolutely gorgeous-- it's like an escape from the real world. Yeah, I couldn't imagine living there every day of the week.. but his family loves it!

Ah yes, and my lovely boyfriend is also an amazing painter. So as he painted today, I took pictures of him (of course) and lounged around.
Hope you like the pictures! :)



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Seattle- The Classic Crime

Listening to Seattle makes my heart ache. In a good way-- it echos through my insides and makes me ache to create.
Listening to music that touches me so deeply, that i feel to my core, makes me want so badly to create something palpable. Something that you or I can hold on to, can grasp for inspiration.
I have been inspired by so many photographers-- photographers who are truly artists.
And it drives me crazy. I want so badly to create art. I want to create something that will be on your wall, that you will value, that will cause an echo inside of you and rocks you to your core.

I can't sing. I can't play an instrument. I can't paint. I can't draw.

So I will embark on this journey of trying to be a photographer with one goal in mind: to effect someone.


10 things about Erica Jean

1. I never eat the purple fruit snacks. I've never had one, never want to! I eat all the other colors and then throw the purple ones away. I know, wasteful. (Sorry, earth!)

2. I HATE putting gas in my car. Like, I detest it. I won't stop for gas even if I'm empty. Usually, I make my parents get gas for me. Pathetic, I know. But I HATE stopping at a gas station with all those creepers. The only time I really do get gas is if I'm with someone else. Sad, I know.

3.I love to dance. I suck at it, but I love it.

4. The biggest loser is like an addiction. This is the epitome of the trashy TV shows that I watch haha

5.I love Postsecret. I'm a religious reader.

6. I HATE car heaters. If I'm cold in a car, I'll turn on the heater, but I'll also roll down the window. I just think they're so stuffy and uncomfortable!

7. Every year on my birthday I wish for a pony. Every year.

8. I have been to Japan, Italy, England, and France. And I'm going to Russia this summer! :) I'm a lucky girl.

9. Worked as a camp counselor for kindergarteners. So cute, but also... well, we'll leave that for another blog one day.

10. Penguins are so cute. Sometimes, when I'm bored at home or in class, I just google "penguins" or "pandas" to see cute pictures. They make me smile :)

And a picture (with my point-and-shoot) of the way I spent my week: in Asilomar!