Senior: Anisha

I am so happy that I have gotten the chance to get to know Anisha better in the past few months. She is sooo nice, and the fact that she laughs at anything sure makes you feel funny ;).
We had a great day wandering around downtown San Jose. Anisha is absolutely gorgeous-- we could tell from all the guys stopping to tell her so! Thank you so much for coming out and shooting with me Anisha, I had an absolute blast and I hope you like the photos!

Look at her working those fierce shoes!

Ummm... hello wind! Gorgeous!!

Love this light!!

We had some fun with Anisha's adorable hat!

Of course we'll end on this picture because I do love laughter...


Senior: Henna

Meet Henna. She is an amazing, hilarious girl, who throws her head back when she laughs and dances while she drives. She likes to blast rap music and dance like there's no tomorrow. She's also amazingly smart and a great volleyball player, and I've been lucky enough to have her as a friend since 2nd grade.
I had so much fun shooting Henna for some senior portraits. It's crazy to think we'll be graduating this year! The light during our session was absolutely gorgeous, and I had a ton of fun trying new things and getting some great pictures. I hope you like these pictures Henna; you look beautiful in them all!

Henna has a gorgeous laugh!

We found this amazing weeping willow tree, and I just couldn't resist it...

So much fun! :)

And because this basically sums her up...



I'm about to head out for a wedding in downtown San Jose, but before I do I wanted to post these adorable pictures of my cousins. I had a great time hanging out with them on my trip to Seattle last week! Love you guys!