Engaged: Dyan and Rich

Dyan has really, truly seen me grow up. I have been so lucky to have this hilarious, fabulous woman as a part of my life! She is an amazing hairdresser, so if you're looking for a new hair dresser in Los Gatos, check her out at the Los Gatos Spa :).

When she asked me to shoot her engagement photos, I couldn't have been more excited. I had a wonderful day capturing the love that she and Rich share.

Dyan: I hope you enjoy these photos and see the beautiful, oh-so fabulous woman I see in these photos! I am so happy for you and Rich.

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I didn't even tell them to do anything in this photo... they just NATURALLY look this fabulous!!

These last two pictures are taken where Dyan and Rich first met.


Portraits: Beeta

I love Beeta, and she is beautiful. Thanks for hanging out with me all weekend Beeta, I hope you like the photos! <3

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I'll end with this because it's classic Beeta...


Couples: David and Liz

I know I haven't posted in quite a long time, but I'm happy to make a return to the blog scene with this couples session.
This couple is a little bit different from the rest of the ones I've shot. Yes, they're gorgeous and adorable and tons of fun. But David is my big brother, so shooting photos for him and Liz was a treat.
David isn't the type of guy to bring girls home to meet the family often, so when our family met Liz for the first time we were a little bit in shock! But we've discovered over the months that she is sweet, fun, and the perfect person to challenge David's sarcasm and attitude.
We went to Rio Del Mar for the afternoon, and Liz, her dog Sueters, David, and I braved a long and treacherous walk to find some really cool locations. After grabbing a bite to eat, we went back to the beach to finish off their session.
Liz and David, thanks for being such great models. Liz, thanks for the great candid photos, and David-- who knew you had a model face! :) Hope you enjoy the photos!

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

They even started out the shoot great!

Love Liz's shoes!!

Liz, you look stunning.

I just about died for the light right here.

On our dangerous walk, I caught this and I love it!!

Hellooo models!!

David bought this necklace for Liz in Hawaii, and trust me-- he searched all over for something he thought would fit her perfectly.

Liz perfected the "smize"

Sueters is the prince of the castle at Liz's house, and it was definitely a struggle to get this picture! (But it's so cute)

Again with the gorgeous light!!

I looove this photo. Might even be a favorite.

I love both of these next images!!

Liz, you look absolutely amazing in this photo.


Liz and David, hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for letting me capture this.