I spent the past weekend in Seattle. My main reason for being there was to compete in a scholarship competition, but beyond that I was so happy to explore the city and spend some time with family that I rarely got to see! I had a blast eating delicious food, touring the super cute areas of seattle, and most of all hanging out with cousins. Here's a treat, a few images of me, my family, and adorable little babies. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend and are spending it with family, just like I did.

Mmm... cupcake royale!

Looooove the University of Washington buildings!

My adorable cousins after a night at the pool.

Tristan and I at lunch!

I just have to do quite a few of William and Abigail... he is just too cute!

William is clearly adorable, and he gets it from mom!

And last but not least, Tristan!

I had an amazing time in Seattle. I was so glad to see family I rarely see and just to take a nice break from all the stress of work. Now here's to being a second semester senior... and sitting back and enjoying the ride!


Winter Reads

There's nothing better in the Winter than cuddling up in bed with fuzzy socks on my feet and a great book in my hand. Add a mug of hot cocoa into the mix and I'm in absolute heaven!
I am the definition of a bookworm, and I figure posting my current reads and my goal reads here might help me keep up on reading and might even help you choose a new book to read!
Over my three week winter break, I decided to make reading a priority that it hasn't been in my life as SATs, college applications, and AP classes have been overwhelming me. So I finished a few great books that I would love to share with you guys!

1. Demian- Hermann Hesse: I finished reading this book really recently. My brother is very into philosophy and he gave me this book for my birthday this past summer, but I never got around to reading it. I finally sat down with it, and I really enjoyed it. It's a little deeper than your normal everyday read, but there's an interesting spiritual exploration that the main character goes through.

2. Fast Track Photographer- Dane Sanders: As a starting photographer, this book is great. The pDNA tool is invaluable, and the information Sanders provides is super super helpful. I'm still working my way through this book, as it does require some in depth self-evaluation. But I recommend this book to anyone looking to get into any type of photography business.

3. Song of Solomon- Toni Morrison: I read a lot. Rarely does a book make into my top anything, but Song of Solomon has made it into my top 5 favorite books of all time. The first time I picked up the book, I'll be honest, I struggled. I wasn't captivated by the first few pages so I put it down and moved on to something else. But over break I was determined to finish it, and I am so glad that I did. It is a hauntingly beautiful tale, with amazing character development and that is truly captivating. I recommend this book to anyone in an instant!

4. Galapagos- Kurt Vonnegut: A weird, fantasy version of Vonnegut. I must admit I thought that Slaughter House Five was better than this novel, but it was interesting just the same. Vonnegut's style is so distinct and so interesting that it made up for any of the weirdness I found in the plot.

5. Columbine- Dave Cullen: This is definitely not a fun, nighttime read. It's depressing and scary, but all the same fascinating and something that everyone should read. Columbine exposes the problems within the judicial and police system that, maybe, could have stopped the shooters. This book exposes truths about the tragedy that I would otherwise have never known. Check it out.


2010; 2011

2010 has been a year of firsts. The year in which I bought my first camera, I second shot my first wedding, I met with a professional photographer, I shot my first maternity session. This year has been amazing and has been as a blessing as I have discovered the things that I love.

But I am excited and looking forward to 2011; to a year in which hopefully there will be more firsts, and a continuation of the things I have begun this year. I am excited for what the future holds for me. I am nervous for how my photography will progress, but I am excited. I have many goals for this upcoming year, and I am hopeful.

I thank the clients I have had for believing in me, and here's to the clients who will continue to believe in me.

On that note, if you are interested in a senior, portrait, or engagement session, contact me before January 15th for discounted rates in honor of a great year. Email me at loveericajean@yahoo.com

Following, a few images of things I enjoyed over my break from school. Hope your holidays were spectacular!