When everything else in my life is changing, when my life seems to be in chaos, I will always know that I will still have you. I may have nothing else to depend on, but I know that you will be there.
Thank you for guiding me through life. For welcoming me with open arms on the days when I need somewhere to go. For letting me be a part of your life for better or for worse, and for dropping everything for me. For the good times, and the bad.

There's nothing like a sister. No matter what we fight about, there's no running away. Thank you for teaching me to face my fears, to make good decisions, to be held accountable. Thank you for spoiling me, for making me laugh, and for wiping away the tears.

To the person I love most in this world, you are beautiful.


Engaged: Vanessa and Nick

All day long, it poured. Windshield wipers, rain boots, don't go outside poured. All I could think about was Vanessa and Nick's engagement session-- we couldn't reschedule because they were in town and available only today. So I drove through the rain to the session, brainstorming ways to shoot them if the downpour just wouldn't stop.

But we were lucky-- the rain cleared up for our session, starting again as soon as we finished shooting!

Vanessa and Nick are from outside of Chicago-- Nick just finished up graduate school at Stanford. They met in high school playing baseball and softball, and they've been dating ever since! They've been together for eight years, and you can tell how much they care for each other. They've had a long distance relationship for a while now, with Vanessa across the country studying to become a dentist. Nick and Vanessa are both clearly smart-- a mechanical engineer and a dentist! They have bright futures, as individuals and as a couple.

Vanessa and Nick-- it is clear how much you truly love and care for each other. I hope that I captured that for you. I had a blast spending the afternoon with you, and I hope you love the pictures! Thank you for taking a chance on me.

Helloooo! Look at that model face! Vanessa, you are gorgeous!

I brought along my good friend Naomi to second shoot with me, and she captured this awesome shot! She's a super talented photographer (along with a lot of other things...)

Love this photo!

If they were nervous, you definitely can't tell.. they both look like models here!!

It's so clear in this picture how much they love each other. Adorable!

Ahhhh this is one of my favorites from their session. Love it!

Actually, I think this might be my favorite from the whole session...

So Nick and Vanessa met in high school while she was playing softball and he was playing baseball. They decided to bring their old jerseys and a baseball to the session. I love when couple's have such great ideas like this!

Again, thank you Nick and Vanessa for allowing me to capture these moments. I hope you can cherish these pictures-- and I know that your journey together will be beautiful.