Finally, Some Pictures!

My trip was-- amazing. My birthday-- great. The stomach flu? sucked. But luckily, it's over! And I'm going to post just a little snapshot of the things I've been doing over the past two weeks. I've been living with great people, eating yummy good, learning about tons of culture, and having a blast. I am excited but sad to be home!
I'm going to work soon, and hopefully will be shooting promo shots for a friend's t-shirt line and getting started on some senior portraits soon!
I think my internship may have fallen through, which makes me really sad. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it but practice practice practice and be thankful for my lovely friends who have all the patience in the world for me shooting them!
AND on a super exciting note!! For my birthday, I got a great 50mm 1.8 lens that the lovely Gladys Jem recommended to me. It captures color sooo well and the depth of field is amazing. I'm so excited!
Hopefully I'll have more pictures to post soon showing off my new lens!


I SWEAR I meant to upload pictures on Thursday. Really! But with my luck.. I came down with the stomach flu on my birthday :( I've just been laying around in bed feeling awful-- I definitely wasn't anywhere near my computer. Luckily, this morning I'm feeling quite a bit better, so I'll put pictures up later today. Promise!



Today is my birthday.

It is 6 AM, and I am 17. Why am I awake at 6 AM on my birthday? Because I am ridiculously insanely jetlagged. After about 20 hours spent in the air and at airports yesterday, giving my bundles of gifts to my family, and eating some delish home-cooked food, I conked out at 10 last night. And the price I had to pay is being the only one awake at 6 AM!

These past two weeks were a complete whirlwind and an amazing trip. I am so excited to be home! My mom and sister have planned an amazing birthday for me (loveee).

Unfortunately, I'm not going to upload any photos QUITE yet. Don't worry, they will come! Hopefully tomorrow. So hang in there guys! :)

Hope you all had a great two weeks (take some deserved vacation time too!)



Hi all! I am on vacation in Russia right now seeing lots of beautiful things and eating lots of new things. I take tons of pictures and I was planning on uploading a bunch to the blog but turns out we don't have wifi here, and I don't want to upload all my pictures to my host's desktop! So hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up onto the blog soon but if not, you'll see tons when I get home.

I hope you all are enjoying your Summers :)


An Overload of Information

Okay guys, I have a LOT to say. I'm just warning you so you don't keep on reading to find that this post never ends! Bear with me. :)

I'm going to be taking the SAT II tomorrow-- and (cross your fingers) hopefully it'll be the last one i take! It's sad, but also super exciting that high school is coming to a close. I'm going to be starting my last year in the fall! I've been at the same school, with the same people for ten years! I'm nervous and excited to start what feels like-- the rest of my life!

Today was a GREAT day. I love San Francisco and I love photography, so I was super stoked to combine them in one! I got to have lunch with an amazing San Francisco Wedding photographer Gladys Jem. I was really really nervous about meeting her, because I'm so inexperienced and this great photographer was offering me her time! But Gladys was soooo sweet, and she answered all my questions and more! She was super helpful and I am so appreciative of her having lunch with me. It made me even more excited about photography. She gave me great advice about lenses, business, clients, shooting, and post-processing! I couldn't have asked for a better person to meet with.

Besides being an amazing photographer, Gladys is also gorgeous in her free time.

I love the colors of the grass with the blue of her dress!

And her shoes? LOVE them!

Even though this picture wasn't intentional, i love her smile!

Gladys is SO nice and she let me try out her nice lens on my camera-- the fstop is way wider, and I LOVE the depth of field I got in this picture.

Once again, I am soooo thankful that Gladys met with me. She was so nice and had great advice and experience.

So, the last note! I'll be leaving on Sunday (eek!) to go to Russia for two weeks! I'm super excited but I'll be offline for a while. I'll try to post pictures through the weeks of all the stuff I'm doing. Have a great two weeks everyone!