Behind the Scenes...

So, I had an absolute blast shooting Jazzy and Karen. But I wanted to show you guys a little bit of the behind the scenes for what goes on in a photo shoot. It is not always pretty! Sometimes, to get the shots that I want, my clients have to be great sports-- climbing through plants or feeling awkward in front of the camera! So I'm going to show you guys two things you may not have expected from behind the scenes of Jazzy's photoshoot...

So, to start... I love this photo of Karen!

But sometimes, your clients are uncomfortable or just need a little bit of help. So to get this shot, you'd be surprised... Jazzy was encouraging Karen on :)

Remember this photo? I loooove it. But the only reason I was able to get this photo is because Karen is so awesome... and she was willing to make her away across some treacherous grass!

She was wearing sandals, so she couldn't walk through the thorny grass! Luckily, we're good friends, so I had to carry her to the tree :)

And on the way back, she picked her way across...

So thank you, Karen and Jazzy, for encouraging each other, for climbing to awkward places for a good photo. Hopefully, this blog shows you that sometimes good pictures are difficult to get (but it's worth it in the end!)


Wedding: Kate and Gary

From the moment you meet them, it is clear how deeply Kate and Gary care for each other. They have both been through tremendous difficulties in their lives, and they have provided amazing support for each other. I am truly inspired by their strength against the adversity they have gone through. They are both truly warm hearted and welcoming people.

Kate and Gary had a beautiful day. They had an intimate wedding that spoke perfectly to them. The weather was gorgeous, the ceremony was emotional and beautiful, and the relationship was intimate.

Kate, Gary, and their guests welcomed Vladimir and I with open arms. I want to thank you for trusting me to capture this special day for you, but even further, for including us. We were honored to be a part of the beautiful wedding that you had.

Kate and Gary-- Thank you for allowing me to be there on your special day. I hope you love the photos, and that they truly capture the love between you two.

Isn't Kate absolutely stunning?!

Look at the beautiful colors in this bouquet!

Hellooo amazing shoessss!

Gary's first look at Kate...

This look between Kate and Gary is filled with love and emotion-- it's absolutely beautiful.

Gary's reaction to a lovely gift is priceless!

I'll end on this because I do love laughter...

Kate and Gary, your day was absolutely beautiful. I hope these pictures can do it justice.


My Dreams

I have a dream. I have lots of dreams. In fact, I'm a dreamer. And maybe, writing them down will help me to accomplish them. So I'm making a list of my dreams here, because maybe putting them down here will encourage me to complete them. It's a little bit scary, admitting the things that I want with my life, but I need to be brave.

Goals and Dreams.
1. Graduate college
2. Buy a house
3. Visit Seattle
4. Visit my best friend, Deniz
5. Visit New York
6. Go back to Europe
7. Live abroad in Europe for at least 2 months
8. Pursue photography full time
9. Live somewhere other than CA (don't worry Jami, just temporarily!)
10. Read at least 10 notable books by the end of the summer
11. Book 2 weddings by the end of 2011
12. Get my priorities straight. Realize when it's okay to put family and friends over work.
13. Own a horse
14. Visit the South
15. Read the bible regularly
16. Keep the focus on being happy
17. Own a restuarant
18. Make vacationing and travel a priority-- at least two weeks a year
19. Have a solid group of dependable, supportive friends that I can always count out
20. Be utterly, completely happy

There's a lot of dreams I have that I'm still too afraid to put down. Dreams that are just being born, dreams that I'm mulling over. This blog is a reminder to myself to keep these dreams in sight as I go through these immense changes in the next few months.

And because I want to fill my life with days like this one-- with picnics and true friendship and the contentment of our feet in the sand.


Portraits: Jasmine

Jasmine is rarely known to her friends as that-- instead, she goes by the spunky and fitting nickname of Jazzy.
I was good friends with her older brother Julian a few years back, so when Jazzy came into school with me I always knew who she was. We had some of the same friends, but we didn't really get to know each other well until last year. We ended up sharing a hotel room together at a few conventions we went to, and I had an absolute blast getting to know her. This year, we even have a class together!
Jazzy is absolutely adorable. She is full of energy, laughter, and life. What I admire most about Jazzy is that she lives her life on her terms-- she doesn't seem to worry about what other people are thinking of her. Whenever Jazzy and I get together, we have a blast!
You might recognize Karen from her portrait session-- she hung out with Jazzy and I and we just had to include her in some photos. :)

To Jazzy-- thanks for braving the camera even though you felt uncomfortable. You were a spectacular model! Thanks for filling me with delicious Indian food, laughing at my jokes, and letting me fulfill my artistic vision for this shoot. Thanks to you and Karen for spending the day with me-- it was a blast! Hope you love the photos. :)

Jazzy, you are adorable!! Jazzy was really nervous beforehand, but you can't even tell!

This photo is so quintessentially Jazzy! Love it

These next few are by far my favorites. Jazzy, you are absolutely stunning.

Helloooo gorgeous!!

Hellooo beautiful light!! Thank you for coming. :)

We had to cross some treacherous and painful plants to get here, but it was worth it!

Again, Jazzy and Karen, I had a blast with you! Thanks for hanging out with me and taking these photos :)