Behind the Scenes...

So, I had an absolute blast shooting Jazzy and Karen. But I wanted to show you guys a little bit of the behind the scenes for what goes on in a photo shoot. It is not always pretty! Sometimes, to get the shots that I want, my clients have to be great sports-- climbing through plants or feeling awkward in front of the camera! So I'm going to show you guys two things you may not have expected from behind the scenes of Jazzy's photoshoot...

So, to start... I love this photo of Karen!

But sometimes, your clients are uncomfortable or just need a little bit of help. So to get this shot, you'd be surprised... Jazzy was encouraging Karen on :)

Remember this photo? I loooove it. But the only reason I was able to get this photo is because Karen is so awesome... and she was willing to make her away across some treacherous grass!

She was wearing sandals, so she couldn't walk through the thorny grass! Luckily, we're good friends, so I had to carry her to the tree :)

And on the way back, she picked her way across...

So thank you, Karen and Jazzy, for encouraging each other, for climbing to awkward places for a good photo. Hopefully, this blog shows you that sometimes good pictures are difficult to get (but it's worth it in the end!)

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