Jami Blair: Just Because

I have a lot of best friends. A lot of people I can rely on (because I'm so lucky) and have fun with-- but Jami is above them all. Why?
Because she's my amazing, uber cool, super nice, gorgeous, lovely sister! And she's put up with me for almost 17 years!
I absolutely love Jami to death. She's been there for me through everything, she's my best friend, and we've had the most fun. Most of all, she's that one person I'll always be able to go to and I am so thankful!
But I'm also super thankful because she let me make her feel really awkward and take cute pictures of her today. :)
Check these out and tell me what you think!

Isn't she gorgeous?

And because my sister is hilarious and absolutely adorable...



Even if no one reads my blog now, maybe, one day, if I explode to amazing fame and live the life i dream about when I fall asleep every night, someone will look through these. Maybe someone will pour over my old blog entries trying to learn everything they possibly can about photography, just like I do now. So here I am, posting my inspiration for why I fell in love with photography, what I want to do.

The absolutely famous photo guru, Jasmine Star

A photographer I just came across recently, but am absolutely amazed by because she launched her business at 17 and at the age of 20 is running a super successful photo business! She has accomplished more at the age of 20 than I hope to by 25! Jamie Delaine

And then just for artistic inspiration?
Well, one of my favorite songs of all time that drives me to create is Seattle-The Classic Crime

And then I love both this video and the song!

I am so thankful to everyone who as inspired me as an artist and as a person. I am so inspired by tons of photographers! Just a few mentioned today though.

To art.

And a sneak peek of shots I took for my boyfriend's djing website that will be launching this Summer...


Boyfriend Fun

Sorry I haven't updated in ages! (I know all my plenty of readers are so sad about this). I was super busy with APs, and then winding down, etc.
On the photography front, I've really been trying to up my knowledge and plan for the upcoming years. I'm really excited about the possibility of an internship this summer and a meeting with a great San Francisco photographer.
I've been checking out tons of photography books, taking lots of notes, and of course, messing around with my camera tons!
Vladimir and I decided to take Friday night to relax since we've had a really stressful few weeks. The school years winding down, but the work definitely isn't. We're now official seniors thanks to the class of 2010s graduation on Saturday, which is exciting and daunting all at the same time.
Here's a little collage of Vladimir and my Friday night-- biking, eating, etc. :)



Happy Mother's Day.

Happy mother's day, mama.
Thanks for all the love and care, the fixed boo-boos and tears. Thanks for all the baking, the cozy home, and the mothering. Thanks for everything you've done for us.
It's the least we can do to appreciate you one day per year, since the rest we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

I hope you enjoyed our hike and lunch today, with waterfalls and family!

Thank you family, thank you mama.
Happy Mother's Day.


Henna, Just Because

Henna is one of my bestttt friends. :) I've known her since we were, what, 7? 8? And she's an amazing person. She's hilarious, super smart, and the kind of friend who has your back no matter what.
And I was so thankful today to be able to take some cute pictures of her! The weather was gorgeous again today, and you know us California girls are taking out our sun dresses.

Here's the beautiful Henna, tell me what you think!

She's always happy, so we struggled to get a picture without her smiling!

this might be my favorite picture of her!

Wait-- this might be my favorite!


Francesca & Scenes of School

School is winding down, and the smell of summer is intoxicating. We're all counting down the days, but first we have to overcome AP week! I've loved this year (not really) and it's definitley flown by, but I am so stoked to be a senior!!
And most of all, for the sticky days of summer at the beach, san francisco, and boardwalk. :)

Yes, I really do have friends who are this gorgeous!

A big thank you to the lovely Francesca for being my model today. :) Watch out for her CD, because she's bound to be famous!