At this time in my life, I find everyone around me deciding, for sure, what they want to do with the next 50 years of their life. But I hesitate to rush such a decision. There are things that I'm in love with-- reading, writing, photography, warm bubble baths, and friend chicken-- but does that mean i should make any of them my career?
I want to explore things, too. What if I fall in love with russian literature? What if I decide to become a mechanical engineer? (unlikely) or a physicist? (even MORE unlikely, given my c+ in Honors Physics my freshman year of high school)

I want to be good at something. I want to unearth a hidden talent.

I love photography. I want to be amazing at it, I want to excel.

I want to be a photographer, I'm just scared. Scared to take the leap.
Should I go to school for photography? Business? Graphic Design?
My most likely options, things I could like. But still, things I am uncertain about.

Open Mic Night at the Roasting Co

A night out in downtown for some singing, coffee, and friends. :)


Practice: Vlad

I couldn't wait to get my hands on our new Canon Rebel. Thanks to much inspiration by Jasmine Star, I want to pursue photography.
Before today, I'd only used Nikon camera, so using a Canon was a new experience for me. These aren't some of my best pictures, and aren't edited at all, but tell me what you think! Any feedback is welcome: be it positive or constructive.
This is Vladimir, my darling, loving, boyfriend of a year now. He's not the modeling type, and only smiled for these pictures because he wants me to be happy. Plus, who can resist a pouty faced girlfriend? :) Enjoy!

We found this great mural that I just couldn't resist.

Downtown San Jose had a ton of interesting backgrounds to work with. Here's a few we found that I especially liked.

Becuase my boyfriend insists on being utterly adorable 24/7...

And since he patiently and happily modeled for me all afternoon, I let Vlad take some pictures of me. Here's one-- but don't comment on this one!

And to wrap up a beautiful day in San Jose...