Couples Session: Anton & Hannah

There is nothing that I love more than a day spent in San Francisco. Even though this past weekend we had record low temperatures (even snow! here! in california!), the weather in San Francisco was gorgeous. It was a little chilly, but luckily Anton & Hannah braved the weather!

Anton is Vladimir's older brother, and he and Hannah were in town for Anton's birthday. They're both an absolute blast, and I know it was a treat for Vladimir to spend some time with his older brother. Even though Anton and Hannah have to deal with a long distance relationship for most of the year, you can see that they use their time together well and have an absolute blast.

Thanks so much for letting me capture these moments of you. I hope you enjoy the photos and the end of your weekend in San Francisco!

Love this photo! They're great at making each other laugh, that's for sure! :)

Love this series..

Because Anton is the king of funny faces... (I see where Vladimir gets it from now!!)

Thank you again! Vladimir and I had a blast taking pictures of you and we hope you enjoy the photos. :)


Charlotte Grace

This session was really really difficult. Why? Becuase Charlotte was crying? Well, she was crying, but that wasn't what made it hard.
There were SO MANY adorable pictures of this precious little girl that I could barely choose which ones would make it to the blog. That's what was so hard about this session!!
Many of you may remember Rebecca from her maternity session last year. I am so happy to introduce the lovely Charlotte Grace on the blog now! I know Rebecca and George were sooo excited for her to arrive and now that she is here she is just a little bundle of joy.
Rebecca, I hope you that you like the photos. Hopefully, they will be something you, George, and Charlotte can look back on as she grows older. Enjoy!

I loooooove this picture! She's so adorable.


Feels Like Summer.

It's been two years now. Hard to believe it's been so long.

I jumped in the car with an enthusiastic "Hi cat!" and we were on our way. I love the long, winding drive to the beach-- forest green around us, screaming to music on the radio, looking at each other with rays of sunlight bouncing all around us. The perfect end to a great break-- browsing through an antique fair, throwing our heads back with laughter and talking about the future. Wandering around aimlessly, with nothing to buy and nowhere to go. Driving to the ocean on a whim-- we can just do that, you know. We set up our picnic. The feeling of sand in between my toes, the gentle sun warming us up, casual bites of cookies and sandwiches and baked concoctions. The silence, the sound of the waves, reading the book you gave me to brighten up our days.
These are the days I want to remember-- the long drives, the casual meals, the carefree ease when we're together. The days when we throw our heads back in laughter, when we cuddle and, for a moment, everything is all right.

Thank you for today-- for a brief respite from the world of work and worry. And thank you for the past two years-- and all the days we've had like these.


New website!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following my blog along the way. I am so glad that all of you have been around so that I could get to this point!

I invite you to check out my brand new website at www.loveericajean.com

I'm not sure at this point whether or not the blog will be moving over there as well, so please stick around for future announcements.

Have a great weekend!